Welcoming Auth for the co:census community

A few weeks ago the team at co:census pushed a major upgrade to better service our customers. A key question many data practitioners want to know is: how is my data being protected? 

For Constituents, we worked on developing an opt-in only anonymous system that protects their personal data (cell phone number, demographics etc) unless they choose to opt-in in each survey. This system was designed based on 18 months of consumer research in cities across the country.

For our customers, keeping their data safe is equally as important. A crucial component of expanding the co:census platform is ensuring that our clients’ data remains private and secure. In an effort to reinforce co:census security measures, our user login process went through a recent overhaul. With our new user flow, we ensure your data is extra secure!

Outcomes Driven For You:

These new security features benefit co:census users by ensuring that any data they store on the dashboard is accessible to them and only them. Users are also more directly made aware of the dashboard terms of service, as well as any changes that may occur. Read more about our 1.0 upgrade or about our recognition as an ethical data tool!