co:census announces 2nd Transit Equity Learning Lab with city, state, and institutions dedicated to driving better outcomes for public transit.

May 13, 2021 On May 11th, our team at co:census kicked off our second ever Transit Equity Learning Lab! 

We are excited to host a second cohort of transportation agencies & institutions in this program dedicated to designing more meaningful equity assessments and more inclusive public engagement. Every $1 invested into transit returns $5 in economic output –programs like our Transit Equity Learning Lab drive agencies to think about key diversity metrics and opportunities for community listening & conversations to drive more equitable outcomes for workforce opportunities, housing options, environmental concerns, and public health. This cohort represents agencies from both coasts of America and a Fortune 500 institution working to design equitable outcomes!

Joining this second cohort are three institutions focused on driving equity:

The Transit Equity Learning Lab curriculum includes a hands-on approach to collaborative learning for transportation leaders committed to uncovering equitable research practices and applying these within their agency’s model. Cohort members from the respective agencies will participate in three workshops, gather qualitative & quantitative data for analysis through inclusive public engagement, and receive final insights reports to enhance their transit agency’s equity initiatives.

The Transit Equity Learning Lab has been featured in publications such as GovTech and Entrepreneur as key methods to address racial and economic inequities in cities. As a Microsoft and Esri Partner, co:census has established itself as a key enterprise product for smart cities focused on equity. The next cohort for the Transit Equity Learning Lab will launch in Fall 2021 and has a growing waitlist of agencies from the South East and Northwest. Click here to sign up for the waitlist.

About co:census

co:census is an enterprise product that helps teams transform public feedback into insights. We help these teams gather inclusive data through open-ended questions and provide contextual analysis so your data has depth.  More than sixty cities and firms across America use it for gaining insights on qualitative data. The revolutionary platform connects customers to expert teams who build multilingual, inclusive surveys and analyze qualitative data in one-third of the time and cost of average public studies. Read our customers stories and social impact here