co:census Raises the Standard for Ethical, Unbiased Data

NEW YORK (July 13, 2021) – Growing public interest and scrutiny in ensuring ethical data collection and analysis has required governments and major corporations to look towards products that uphold high ethical standards with gathering data. Enterprise product co:census helps civic teams and major companies find representative data and transform the feedback gathered into impartial, consequential insights.

Originally launched as an MVP by a graduate of The New School in March of 2020, co:census has far exceeded original expectations even while launching during the pandemic. Founder Tiasia O’Brien, focused on gathering customers and interviewing dozens of civil employees during launch, aiming to reach 50 pilot testers by the end of 2020 while working with a team of two employees.  In just a little over a year, co:census had far exceeded their expectations. 

Now in 1.0, co:census has reached nearly $1 million in revenue while working on high-profile studies such as SFCTA’s Downtown Congestion Pricing Study, the 2050 Plan Bay Area research study led by Civic Edge Consulting, and the Capital Improvement Plan with the City of Oakland.  Alia Al-Sharif, Partner at Civic Edge Consulting noted that “the co:census team is your collaborative partner in thinking about what equity in engagement can look like. They are focused on breaking down barriers for participation and increasing access for those who are traditionally shut out of the conversation. When you work with their team, you are working people who genuinely care about the communities you serve”.

“Government agencies like the City of Oakland have used co:census for capital investment programs centered on equitable public engagement and major research studies such as the San Francisco County Transportation Authority’s congestion pricing study. As an urban sociologist Tiasia attributes the success & outcomes of customers to their “customer-centric” and equity-focused team that is composed of research scientists and engineers committed to making government data more ethical. For more information about co:census, you can find their website at

About co:census
co:census is an enterprise cloud-solution that helps government teams gather & analyze inclusive data to achieve equitable outcomes. Through open-ended questions, contextual analysis, and machine learning, co:census transforms public feedback into helpful insights that can drive equitable policy decisions.


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