co:census Surveys: 2021 American Rescue Plan

A Focus on the American Rescue Plan

Since the signing of The American Rescue Plan, city leaders we know have been intently focused on budget planning, public engagement, and initiatives that can address the needs of this plan. After speaking to several city agencies, we became acutely aware of this new focus and what came with it. An urgent need to re-engage the public on small business, health, and community issues all while working to develop a plan for immediate outcomes. 

In this process, our team understands the need to ensure that public engagement is a first step to understand how to solve issues for people and small businesses —but the big question is: where to begin?

New Template Surveys from co:census

In an effort to further support civic leaders, the co:census team of experts has designed survey templates for the American Rescue Plan. Our key focus areas are public health, small business health, and lived experiences (community support). These surveys can be launched in multiple languages in under one week so your team can focus on outreach and engagement–and getting the community insights you need to design solutions. 

Each survey is designed with a goal related to the American Rescue plan and with the aim of empowering communities to give their feedback on the nuanced issues they experience locally. All surveys can be adjusted according to your local engagement needs. Read more about our template surveys below. 

ARP Small Business Survey Template

Designed by co:census founder & urban sociologist, Tiasia OBrien,  the Small Business survey is aimed at exploring the experiences and needs of local businesses. With questions that provide a longitudinal understanding of how the past year has affected a business, the survey also gathers community feedback on future outcomes, goals, and needs. 

Sample this survey below –to launch this survey for your city or learn more click the button below. Text Business to (718) 568 5092 to text the ARP Small Business Survey now. 

ARP Health Disparities Survey Template

In this survey, designed by Health Up Principal & Former Baltimore Health Commissioner, Pierre Vigilance, MD, MPH, the focus is on addressing health disparities and learning  how your city can provide health services for underserved populations. 

Based on publications on the ARP, President Biden is committed to addressing the disparities evident in the pandemic at every step, from ensuring equitable distribution of vaccines and supplies to expanding health care services for underserved communities. To launch this survey for your city or learn more click the button below. 

ARP Lived Experiences Survey Template

Our newest survey, designed by co:census Business Development Account Manager, James O’Brien, aims to explore the concerns and pain points of BIPOC community members.

With specific questions designed for the Black community, Asian-American community, and Hispanic community, the goal is to make engaging constituents around these questions more accessible and provide an outlet for anonymous engagement. To launch this survey for your city or learn more click the button below.