Frequently Asked Questions

Our Inclusive Solution

Our product is used by organizations and companies in the public and private sectors. Presently, we have more than 20 users who range from student researchers to City Council Members — all of whom are using Synergize Insights to launch surveys in communities they are interested in understanding better. To break down our current customers:

  • 70% are nonprofit organizations using our product as their M&E tool for program and grant data
  • 28% are local politicians and municipalities using our product to conduct surveys on community needs & public sentiment
  • 2% are independent researchers using our tool to conduct surveys in areas with limited access to the internet

Yes. Our product allows you to choose which languages you need for your survey. We design your SMS survey so your respondents can choose which language they prefer to answer. When their data is collected, our technology automatically translates their response into English for review.

During your onboarding process, we ask which questions you would like your survey translated to. Our surveys are currently available in English, Spanish (multiple dialects), French, and Creole. We will be launching more languages in the summer.

Our founders have experience conducting research in diverse communities with limited access to the internet. During this experience, they realized that even well-known products like Survey Monkey & Qualtrics lacked some basic inclusionary needs like language offerings, data translation, simple SMS access, and outreach support. 

We designed Synergie Insights as a response to this gap in the market. Our product gives you accessible surveys, in multiple languages, outreach & data analyst support. As we grow, we are developing even more inclusive features to ensure outreach can be conducted to communities with senior populations, people with different abilities, and by increasing our language offerings. 

Unfortunately no. Our product presently only includes an SMS survey so your respondents will need a phone that is SMS capable.

As a present solution, some organizations have launched surveys and hosted “Survey Stations” where members of their community with access to SMS phones connect with members who don’t have a phone to help them respond to surveys. 

Business, policies, datasets, and products are not unbiased — they are designed and created by people, and every person has a bias. It is our effort to ensure that our team is not only aware of their biases through training, but that we integrate this understanding into the design of our product in order to democratize land, decolonize wealth, and close the civic gap. Read more about our vision here.

Antiracism is the act of interrupting racism, so our internal process includes team antiracist training, collaborative product design, and outreach & support to organizations that are fostering equitable outcomes. Read our series, digital divide, on how we are implementing these practices.

Yes, however, this will take time. 

We are firm believers in open data so the data you collect should be accessible to those who supplied you with this data. Since our mission is to empower communities — we believe information is a strong component of empowerment. 

For this reason, data collected on our product will be synthesized and converted into an open data portal in up to two years. Your survey and any phone numbers from respondents will remain private, but the responses will give our team insight on critical information that should be public to further support communities.  Read more on our mission here. 

Data privacy

We host all of the data you collect within our internal database. You receive weekly reports with data visualizations showing your survey responses and raw datasets upon request. 

No, the data collected by our team and users is not privatized or sold for profit.

Our product is designed to protect our users (you and your survey responders) with end-to-end security controls. All data is stored in a cloud-based system with its own layered cybersecurity and protective measures are made to ensure survey responses are protected and backed up.

Our surveys focus on sentiments, conditions, and affect. To protect the communities and our users we serve, we do not launch surveys that require sensitive, personal, or demographic data. 

Presently, we do have researchers using our products who are getting their tools approved under IRB review. We suggest you connect with your team to request a fact sheet that can be shared with your IRB review board for a final approval before launching a survey.

We send you raw data files (.CSV files) every 3 months and upon your request. Request your raw data file here.

Community Engagement & Impact

Yes.  Synergize Insights is a product that makes civic engagement more accessible by meeting people where they are and ensuring everyone can be a part of the democratic process. 

During the onboarding process, we offer support and a guide on how to launch outreach and marketing campaigns to get people to respond to your surveys based on our internal research. If you need in-depth support on content design, campaign strategy, we can offer that as an at-cost service. 

No. Our service is completely opt-in so respondents must text the word “Hi” to your SMS line in order to complete a survey. We provide support with free content so you can launch a campaign to get survey responses.

Onboarding & Customer Support

Signup by proceeding with our onboarding process by clicking here.

Once your survey is live you are ready to go! In up 2-3 days, we email you to launch your survey. We send you detailed steps to make sure you are ready to launch your survey publicly. We also schedule onboarding calls as needed. 

Our Essentials plan will expire on August 1st and is only available for 30 more users who signup. This plan includes up to 250 survey responses and is ideal for one-time surveys. 

Our Premium plan is for companies and firms; it provides you with unlimited data survey responses and up to 5 languages for your survey. Most importantly, our Premium plan gives you monthly access to a Research Scientist who acts as your personal analyst to review your data. This is ideal for user research studies, ongoing research, and programmatic data collection. 

Typically, we launch our surveys 5-7 days after you sign up. We have an expedited 2-day service which costs $199. You can choose this option when signing up