co:census 1st Annual Study: Surveying Government Innovation Teams

Last year, our team launched co:census with one goal in mind: breaking down barriers for civic engagement and increasing access for those who are traditionally shut out of the conversation.

Since then, we have collaborated with more than a dozen public and private institutions in order to provide a more ethical and equitable solution to engagement and research studies. Our work focuses on the complete cycle of understanding a problem: from inclusive research design to more ethical methods of analyzing data to induce insights. A common thread we have seen in our work is the interest and commitment to equity from all government teams.

With the opportunity to produce our first annual study, our team’s first question became: who should we engage to help us understand how we can foster more equitable outcomes at scale through technology? With this initial question in mind, it became apparent that we should engage government Innovation Teams (I-Teams) across the country to learn more about their processes, challenges, and even major successful initiatives. 

In this first of many annual studies, our team will engage a survey to answer our research questions providing us with increased scalability to engage I-Teams across the nation. Our survey closes on December 31, 2021, after which we will produce a study reviewing the insights we unveiled. 

We invite any member of a Government I-Team to complete this survey by texting the word “Innovation” to 718-557-9174.