Inclusive Engagement is Intentional Engagement

Intentionality is at the center of our work here on the co:census team – it’s a core tenet of our approach & is usually the reason why our meetings always go over.

We are constantly pausing to reflect & look forward to making sure that the decisions we agree on are done deliberately & with purpose.

And that’s why we felt strongly about weaving intentionality into our co:lab instruction.  Our second course, Inclusive Engagement is Intentional Engagement, is live today and waiting for you.

Autumn, a former public servant & one of our research scientists, goes over how truly inclusive engagement is centered around intentionality.  They ground this idea in practicality, by providing you with the reasons as to why we believe intentionality leads to more inclusive engagement as well as the tools to help you weave intentionality into your engagement processes.

Check out our second co:lab course, Inclusive Engagement is Intentional, today.