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Warren Logan
Warren Logan@WarrenMobility
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This is a fantastic tool and we’re very happy to be using it as part of our community engagement toolkit.
Council Member Dan Kalb
Council Member Dan Kalb@DanKalb
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Here is a good opportunity to help shape #Oakland's capital infrastructure priorities for the next few years. twitter.com/Oakland/status…
Paige MillerSan Franciso Transportation Authority
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“I think I prefer this [full service] especially because your team reviews the survey and does the translations and that was just like, phenomenally helpful for us...To be able to turn on a texting campaign in about three days was just like, magical."
Sean Maher, City of Oakland Office for Public Works
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It's an easy enough thing to get people involved and it makes an in person conversation much easier. If you're talking to somebody at a farmers market like I was at on Sunday, and you're trying to get them involved, and you give them a website, it's hard to get them to sit down and like, type in a URL with you. Whereas like, just text the word hello to this number, like they'll do that while they're talking to you. So it makes it a great way of making the process more quickly accessible and like in a very immediate, right, and that sort of elevator pitch, kind of tense and you've only got a moment to get someone's attention.

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