National Digital Inclusion Week

Our digital divide series ended with a high profile event in September –but the conversation around the digital divide does not stop there. October 5th-9th is National Digital Inclusion Week and as a proud sponsor of this week, we are hosting events to promote digital awareness and amplify the work being done by cities and organizations across America. Check out our events and be sure so sign up! 

Hosted by Tiasia O’Brien, Founder & Head of Strategy at Seam Social Labs/ co:census and Namon Freemon, Policy Consultant and adjunct lecturer at City College’s Spitzer Graduate School of Architecture, this trivia night is aimed at growing awareness about efforts to build equal access to the internet and digital literacy across the nation

As a sponsor of National Digital Inclusion Week, our goal is to partner with awesome advocates, activists, and changemakers striving towards this goal while building general awareness about this massive social and economic issue.

Washington D.C. has recognized that Internet access is the first and most basic step to digital equity. In 2020, they launched “Internet For All” to work towards the Internet for All, beginning with students. This initiative moves past ideas and jumps into bringing the internet to those who need it the most fostering deep outcomes during a precious time.

But how did a municipality pivot and focus on this impactful program in under a year?

Join co:census and the CTO for Washington D.C. for an open conversation on the meaning of internet for all, the impact D.C. ‘s program has had, and how cities can drive outcomes for their residents who experience the digital divide.