Last night, Governor Cuomo unveiled a new line of product from the state of New York: hand sanitizer. Given our state of emergency, growing concern over the Coronavirus, and the shortage of wholesale supply this was a pretty keen move on behalf of NY. We commend the Governor and his team for being innovative and responding to this demand, especially to benefit those who work at, live in, or participate in activities within civic institutions.

That being said, we could not help but notice Governor Cuomo’s pride swelling with the core features of this new product. Overall, during the live conference, the Governor noted that NYS Clean:

  • Has 75% alcohol compared to Purell (70%) and general hand sanitizers (60%)
  • Features a lovely bouquet smells (hydrangeas and tulips)
  • Also is sold at a reduced price to the state

Due to these features, and the Governor’s threat to sell on the market if companies do not stop price gouging, we decided to have a bit of fun and help the state of NY out with a quick value proposition map.

If the people ask for sanitizer, then it is the BEST sanitizer we shall get!

While we had fun with this activity, be sure to read up more on Coronavirus to understand how to best protect yourself and stay health! Check out this resource page from the State of New York.

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