last week was emotional

The pandemic that swept the nation and quarantined most states uncovered an even deeper systemic virus that has been woven into the fabric of America: systematic racism.

While racism is not new, the fast spread of the video of George Floyd’s murder combined with the current political and social state of the country has unearthed a movement to defund police, push for reform, and dismantle an entire system.

We have seen movements before –but this is entirely different.

Our users are community-centric and believers in co-design. Several conversations with them last week reminded us that this is not a static instance. Rather, it is a wave with layers of pain, anger, and frustration.

One call with our user, Mother’s for Police Accountability, led our founder to tears.

Rev. Harriet Walden is using co:census (formerly Synergize Insights) to conduct research on the number of times black people experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 were turned away from hospitals and if they were able to get tested. During our call she also noted being alive in the 60s —and that it was nothing compared to the real-time protests we are presently witnessing. 

how our community is pushing the movement ahead

The fight to dismantle racism is a dynamic fight.

It cannot just be protestors.

It cannot just be corporations with fancy statements.

It cannot just be white people calling their black friends to “see how they are”.

Black people have experienced racism every day. It is a societal affliction we (yes, our founders are black)  have been conditioned to experience. 

And we have quietly done so, until now.

We are forging ahead and participating actively in this movement.

Our part, your part can start with ENGAGEMENT and LISTENING. 

Listen without bias. Ask questions with compassion. Empathetically engage your community and move this fight forward. 

Want to know two ways you can help right now?

  1. Attend our forthcoming Juneteenth event, where we are holding space for black joy. All cultures are welcome. Tickets are free but we are raising money to donate to worthy causes in this fight.
  2. Sign up to be a registered user of co:census. Use our inclusive survey & polling software to engage their communities and listen without bias. 
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