Our Team

Quick facts about us:

Legal B-Corp with double bottom line.
NYC MWBE Certified.
We are women and POC-led.
Launched in June 2018.
70% of our Board Members are women.

We use human-centered design, sociological theory, and social innovation to develop our products.

Synergize Insights is a tool being developed by Seam Social Labs, a mission-driven company working to empower disinvested communities. Seam Social Labs’ vision is to support 1,000 communities by 2030.

Our founders were born & bred in gentrified and displaced communities. Their commitment to building Synergize Insights comes from their first-hand experience in seeing their neighborhoods receive investments for people who did not grow up there, and watching the culture of their communities shift. They are developing this platform to reduce displacement around the country.

The Seam Social Labs’ founders also dedicate their time to offering free and low-cost workshops to teach innovative methods & strategies to local community organizations such as the Food Bank of NYC, Bedford-Stuyvesant BID, and Jola House Shop.

Company Values

Democratizing Land

Public land should be negotiated in public and designed for and by people who occupy that land. Our current process of economic and real estate development is based on feudalism, a Western European model for land use, that was rooted in colonialism and gaining capital through land and people working the land. It’s time for us to fix that.

Decolonizing Wealth

By definition, decolonization is a political process to regain ownership of a state currently dominated or owned by a colonial empire. Decolonization of wealth is a socio-economic process to dismantle systems of power originally created by colonial empires to retain ownership of social, cultural, economic, and infrastructural capital. Decolonization of wealth alludes to an “undoing” of this social construct in order to give all people access to multiple types of capital.

Closing #theCivicGap

Families who earn at least $100,000 are nearly two times more likely to be civically engaged. These families advocate for policies that benefit their direct needs –but what about the needs of vulnerable populations? We research this specific problem and also maintain closing the civic gap as a value. Our core mission is to empower people in disinvested communities by providing accessible tools for engagement.

Seam Social Labs, Inc.