junctional thinking

Hosted by Pierre Vigilance, Synergize Insights Board Member & Associate Dean for Public Health Practice & Associate Professor of Health Policy & Management,  Junctional Thinking is a place where we get to explore the creative problem solving opportunities and innovations that exist at “the junction”, defined as the intersection of health and social impact interventions. 

Each episode features guests from a range of sectors with the commonality of working with an impact in health. From community engagement, user-experience, and creativity, to housing, transportation, journalism, education, finance, and healthcare, Junctional Thinking delves into the ways these innovative influencers seek to impact social and health outcomes from their own unique perspectives.

Tiasia O’Brien is a Renaissance Woman and Startup Founder of Seam Social Labs, Inc. Daniel Okonkwo is a former non-profit director currently connecting organizations to the resources community orgs need to thrive. And when a situation calls for social impact, you want one or both of them to take the call. Both of them are concerned about equitable investments, smart community-centric programming, and driving impact.

On the show we’ll learn about their career paths in social impact, who their primary influences have been, and the scenarios where they have had to really exercise patience to get the best results for the people they serve.

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