SMS Surveys, You Need Them

We live in a digital age. A time where large amounts of information are available at our fingertips. With a population of 328 million people, over 300 million people in the US have a mobile phone. Websites are striving hard to be mobile-friendly, so why not do the same with your survey? 

SMS(Short Message Service) surveys are administered through SMS texts. SMS surveys and texts are becoming increasingly popular in businesses. Why? That’s because text messages are opened and read almost 138% more than email  90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received. This proves that an SMS survey is a clear winner over email surveys when trying to connect with your audience for feedback. Asking the right survey question to the right participants is a good practice. But asking the right survey question to the right participant using the “right platform” aka SMS is even better!

Why SMS Surveys

When businesses conduct surveys face-to-face, people tend to give polite and positive answers. However, positive answers help you to identify areas of weakness to improve upon in order to grow as a business. When people respond to SMS messages they have an inclination to be transparent with their response because they are not seen and usually feel comfortable. This is important because you will be able to understand what is going on in your participant’s minds and apply their insight to your business.

SMS does not require creative content or enticing visuals to appease survey participants. Because of this SMS tools allow you to send out surveys in a quick and simple way. This means, by using a platform such as co:census, your next SMS survey(from ideation to inception) can be up and running in a week. 

Lastly, at just a few cents per message, and with minimal time and resources required to create and send an SMS campaign, bulk SMS is a highly cost-effective way of contacting a mass database. What’s more, with higher response rates and more accurate information, the ROI from an SMS survey is likely to be much higher than its counterparts.

How you can create an SMS Survey using co:census

co:census can help you launch your next SMS Survey. Register to create an account –and when you are ready you can complete our 10-minute onboarding process, and our Research Scientists design your survey in 5 days. This includes the ideation session, question generation, and SMS survey creation. We will launch your survey during a live onboarding call!

Your team then works to promote the survey. Each inbound SMS message gets translated into data. These data updates are real-time to your co:census dashboard. You’ll be able to get deeper insights from our Research Scientists with our Premium plan*.

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