The community voice is essential to understanding public needs: is there a greater need for jobs? Is public transit equitable for diverse community members? What are more unique methods of solving housing challenges in major cities?

The go-to solution is often gathering U.S. Census and American Community Survey data to answer these questions but that has one major problem: these massive datasets can be biased and are often missing nuanced information that can help design equitable community solutions. 

How can these datasets be biased? Consider the tools used to gather these data points. If only being conducted by paper and online: what community members may you miss who do not have access to the internet and do not have a direct mailing address? Add to this the level of public mistrust that exists which prevents people from reporting their conditions to the government and have you a system that inherently misses the mark on leveraging the community voice as a valuable dataset. 

The team at co:census has been committed to solving this major problem and our most recent learning lab dedicated to Social Equity is helping  major institutions also tackle these issues. 

This program is gives policy professionals the methods and tools that will support their research, outreach, and social impact efforts —- ensuring they are meeting equity & ethics with analytical rigor. Check out the 2021 program participants here. Applications are now open for the 2022 program!

Applications will open on December 1st and will close on December 30th at 5pm EST. Please note: applications are accepted for this paid program on a rolling basis and we accept a maximum of six (6) institutions. Apply earlier to guarantee access.

Understanding Equitable Methods

Research methods in policy focus on a deductive and top down method to analyze data and design outcomes. Our teams prioritizes inductive methods in order to focus on community listening and we encourage teams to start with understanding the community voice in order to solve a problem

Engagement 2.0

6,000 tweets are sent every second. We are swimming in a world of data and insights –with growing opportunities to understand how consumers feel about social issues. Racial justice, gender bias, and economic inequality are among the top issues discussed on social platforms. How does your team use this information to develop a successful engagement strategy?

Interactive Experience with Resources

Our Social Equity Learning Lab focuses on collaborating with corporate public affairs teams to drive equity and inclusion through multicultural studies and outreach. The goal of the program is for your team to understand methods and tools for deeper multicultural engagement for trust-building, advocacy, and outreach, in order to empower the communities you serve.

Achieving fair and equitable social policies for communities requires a deep understanding of community needs, concerns, and sentiments. This program is aimed at equipping your team with the tools, methods, and analytical rigor to equitably conduct research that yields insights on social equity relevant to the community you serve. 

  • Interactive workshops 
  • Accessible Digital Engagement: Participants will learn best practices on how to make sure that your digital engagement tools are inclusive and accessible.
  • Research Design Workshop: Step by step best practices on how to design a research study that allows you to prioritize equity and analytical rigor. 
  • Fostering Impact:  Harnessing community voices through collaboration and co-design to drive your impact.
  • Equity & Data: An interactive workshop focused on how to gather and analyze more equitable and ethical data for critical decisions.
  • Data Insights Working Session: This session is dedicated to your team designing your research question and methods to equitably gather data. In this session, your team will have one-on-one time with a research scientist in order to design a research & data collection plan specific to your team’s needs and resources.
  • Team Presentations: Share your learnings and research plans in our finale event with your cohort!
  • Published content Seam Social Labs
  • Access to co:census enterprise platform 
  • Equity Insights Report
  • 10% off annual enterprise plan
  • Social Equity Certificate for All participants

Our program includes three (3) licenses to the co:census platform so you can pilot equitable research studies with your team over the course of 12 months. For our team, this is a long-term partnership. After workshops are completed, we guide your team with survey design, translations for multilingual surveys, and data reports. Your key outcome is growing skills based on our workshop themes, saving time with your ongoing support, and bringing more equity to your research!

  • Corporations or National Nonprofits
    • Government, Public or External Affairs Team
    • Community Engagement Teams
    • Communications Teams

Seam Social Labs is a benefit corporation whose mission is to empower disinvested communities. Our vision is to ensure cities have models to encourage co-design and collaboration between communities and agencies. We are an MWBE business with a diverse staff and board who have all received training in equity, inclusion, and antiracist frameworks in order to adhere to our mission. 

We are selecting up to 6 agencies/companies to participate in this cohort program; all companies will be chosen based on their existing commitment to diversity & inclusion and interest in launching a public campaign in 2022. We will base commitment to diversity & inclusion based on the diversity of employees, statements equity plans in the companies toolkit.

Applications will open on December 1st and will close on December 30th at 5pm EST. Please note: applications are accepted for this paid program on a rolling basis and we accept a maximum of six (6) institutions. Apply earlier to guarantee access.