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Going beyond Title VI

Transit agencies have conducted studies and implemented new policies to ensure people, regardless of their income or the language they speak, can have access to low-cost fares and be an active part of public engagement. Since then cities have actively conducted reports for Title VI analysis but still require more wide-scale efforts to ensure that social and racial justice are woven into their practices.

Creating equity-first plans

As a policymaker, you can reduce disparities and improve equitable outcomes for residents with limited transit opportunities. By removing an unequal commute, you can increase workforce opportunities, health outcomes, and accessibility in your city. The co:census learning lab aims to collaborate with policymakers by providing interactive workshops with experts and fellow cities to provide methods, data, and insights on issues within your city. 

Interactive Experience with Resources

Apply for the co:census learning lab to join a cohort of peers from cities across the nation and receive hands-on consulting with industry experts to improve transit equity in your city. Our interactive program for transportation authorities and institutions to create a more equity-centered public engagement and data practice for more equitable outcomes in your city.