With 39.5 million residents..

and the growing awareness of the digital divide due to quarantines, the co:census team asked ourselves how this state is managing the digital divide. Overall, most households have access to broadband internet in the state of California. However, where we see the greatest impact is within low-income households.

Here is what we found...

Building Solutions...

The State of California has been focused on building new initiatives to digitally engage residents, provide workforce opportunities & promote online access, and refine their digital access. While this is a major task the state has already successfully implemented Digital Initiatives.

We look forward to seeing how the state continues to tackle digital inclusion for the residents most impacted by the digital divide. To learn more about the digital divide, check out the National Digital Inclusion Alliance. To tackle the digital divide in your state, scheduling time with Team co:census, to put the power in your community’s hands through SMS surveys & engagement. 

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