Welcome to co:census 1.0 🚀

co:census 1.0

Over the past year, our team has conducted countless survey design meetings, user interviews and onboarding calls. We’ve taken your feedback and are excited to announce that co:census 1.0 is officially live. Starting today, you can now access new features that will help you gather, analyze and discover deep insights from narrative-driven data. 

Access real-time metrics 📊

Select your survey and immediately know the completion rate, how many total responses and the number of language translations. 

Understand languages used 🌐

Stay ahead and be in the know on how effective your outreach campaign is with different language populations in the area. 

Map survey responses 🗺

Explore where your survey responses are coming from and identify which zip codes are not represented in the data. 

Visualize top trends 📈

Discover key insights in your survey data and make equitable, data-driven decisions based on inclusive public engagement. 

Integrate SurveyMonkey data 📁

Import SurveyMonkey data and get insights in combination with your current survey responses. Store all your data in one place. 

See digital inclusion data ✊

Access key digital inclusion statistics, population figures and recommended sampling methods in select cities. 

In our customer conversations, we learned where our users were struggling with our product — and how we can best help them. We’re excited to introduce our new Help Center to support you in your survey launch and data analysis journey.

Your questions, answered

From launching a survey to creating an Equity Insights Report to keeping your data secure — we’ve got you covered. We’ve crafted comprehensive answers to questions our customers have asked across six support topics. 

Step-by-step tutorials

Our tutorials break down your survey launch into easy steps. Videos and detailed images show you exactly what to do to jumpstart your next project. 

Comprehensive glossary

Get to know the language used by the co:census team. Our glossary provides clear, concise definitions of product-specific and equity-driven terminology.

Our community is using co:census build a more equitable and just world. We’re proud to showcase their stories on co:mmunity, a new digital hub where users can witness the impact of co:census and meet others who share their passion for social equity. 

Full-length case studies

Read about the impactful work co:census users are doing in their communities.

Voices of our co:mmunity

Hear what co:census users have to say about their experience with our product.

At co:census, our mission is to help you understand your data so that your team can make informed, equitable decisions for your community. With co:census 1.0 – we created features that amplify the voices of the people behind the data. Because at the end of the day, the people you serve come first. 

We look forward to working with you in this next phase of co:census’s journey. Welcome to co:census 1.0. 🌎