#1 Solution for Equitable Research Studies

Engage your constituents equitably and
reduce biases in your data models. 

We help government teams gather & analyze inclusive data to achieve equitable outcomes. Get actionable insights faster with our cloud-based solution.

Measure the immeasurable

Your team has big questions. Our solution can get you answers. Import data or launch a text survey on co:census to understand public concerns or feedback. 

Dedicated Research Scientists

Our research scientists have backgrounds in government and urban sociology. Get their support in answering your research question or analyzing data. Our 360 service ensures you are not just working with algorithms. 

Get reports & insights to drive equity

Download reports and gets deep insights for policy memos, stakeholder presentations, or research studies on our platform. Our customers have yielded equitable reports in an average of 3 months using co:census. 

co:census is trusted by city and state agencies across the country

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