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What can I use co:census for?
Use co:census product to gather feedback on public policy, conduct major research studies, or to gather stakeholder feedback on a program, policy, or product. Read more on how we are used by agencies in the Bay Area.

Can surveys be in multiple languages?
Yes. Our product allows you to choose which languages you need for your survey. We presently have team members who can translate to Spanish, French, Japanese, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, Filipino (Tagalog), and Russian.

How is this product inclusive?
Our founder has experience conducting research in diverse communities impacted by the digital divide. For data analysis, most data models rely on demographics for insights. Our patent-pending natural language processing algorithm focuses on understanding affinities and categorizes unstructured raw data for Equity Insights Reports. 

Can these surveys reach people without access to smartphones, or phones without SMS?
Unfortunately no. Our product presently only includes an SMS survey so your respondents will need a phone that is SMS capable.

Are you able to share an example of what an Equity Insights Report looks like? 
To get a sample survey or report please sign up and schedule a demo with our team.

Do you sell data?
co:census is an analysis and intelligence platform. No personal data is sold or tracked through our product. 

Is my data secure?
Our product is designed to protect our users (you and your survey responders) with end-to-end security controls. All data is stored in a cloud-based system with its own layered cybersecurity and protective measures are made to ensure survey responses are protected and backed up.

What is an antiracist framework?
Since launching in 2018, we have prioritized anti-racism and decolonization. Antiracism is the act of interrupting racism, so our internal process includes team antiracist training, collaborative product design, and outreach & support to organizations that are fostering equitable outcomes. Read our series, more about our founder, Tiasia O’Brien, and how she launched this company based on her personal experiences with gentrification.

Can I analyze quantitative data with co:census?
Our surveys focus on sentiments, conditions, and affect. To protect the communities and our users we serve, we do not launch surveys that require sensitive, personal, or demographic data. Quantitative data can be included but most of your data should be qualitative.

I’m a researcher and need to know if this product is IRB approved.
We have had student researchers use co:census to facilitate ethnographic research virtually and receive IRB approval.